Frequently asked questions

Joining claims

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Joining claims

How do I join a claim?

You can find claims that you can join in the Datagator extension by clicking on the Datagator icon in your browsing and selecting ‘claims’.

What data do I share when I join a claim?

When you join a claim, you share a cryptographic hash of the evidence you collected. This hashing process is irreversible and we never see your actual browsing data. Your browsing data is kept private on your device. This way we can prove that a violation has taken place, without you having to share which websites you have visited

It is possible that we may need additional data from you later on in court proceedings. In that case, we will ask for your consent to share this data through the Datagator browser extension. We can never access your data without your explicit consent.

Is this just about the money?

No. We want to be a way to advocate for change in online targeted advertising and the harms it causes. The Adtech industry has shown itself unwilling to change voluntarily. Hundreds of companies systematically violate your privacy rights every time you surf the web. Datagator will seek to help implement the changes that are necessary to protect personal data while enabling balanced, sustainable and lawful online advertising – meaning respect for user consent, and observing the principles of transparency and data minimization that are required under the law.